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Using data for marketing is no longer a trend; somewhat it has become a necessity. Business giants and corporations like Facebook, Netflix have already mastered how to devise marketing strategies that offer personalized experiences to consumers. Given the liking consumers have for personalized communication, businesses of all kinds are seeking the same level of personalization in their marketing efforts. Owing to the acceptance of such marketing approach, marketers at Marketing agency Virginia Beach are increasingly putting this trend to use.

A survey conducted by Ascend2 on Data-Driven Marketing showed how organizations and businesses use data-driven marketing. The participants that represented all kinds of firms and companies provided insight on what objectives and challenges they have faced when deploying data-driven marketing and how a digital marketing agency offers such businesses assistance in achieving their goals.

Here are the findings of the Ascend2 survey:

No. 1

For around 70% of businesses that were surveyed, providing personalized consumer experience is their primary goal. This study also revealed that CX personalization is the top reason to use data in their marketing efforts. Although growing consumer database and integrating data are a few reasons for businesses to turn to data-driven marketing, forming a personal and direct connection with the end users remains the topmost goal.

No. 2

For 95% of business owners, the effectiveness of data-driven marketing in creating a personalized connection with the consumers is improving at some point. This figure is essential as it reflects the confidence marketers have in data-marketing tactics.

No. 3

As per 47% of the companies, out of all the data-driven marketing strategy, email personalization is the most effective one. Email remains the most commonly used tool to create a personalized connection with a consumer. The ease of measuring the success of the email marketing strategy also makes it the most widely used tool.

No. 4

When speaking of the challenges faced by the marketers in deploying data-driven marketing tactic, over 50% of businesses said that data integration across channels is their biggest barrier.  Besides this, it was also revealed that ensuring the quality of data, its actual usage and evaluation of its success remains the top challenges.

For most companies, the ROI of data-driven marketing was the most significant concerns as it is relatively a newer tactic. Most marketers are still busy discovering how to reap higher ROI with data-driven marketing.

No. 5

Almost half of the businesses surveyed find carrying out lead intelligence collection as most difficult of all the data-driven tactics. Web content personalization is another difficult task to complete for around 48% of businesses. As per the results of the survey, it was found that companies find it easier to use data-driven marketing personalization for email campaigns and landing page ads campaigns.

No. 6

The study further revealed that 81 % of businesses consider that data-driven marketing efforts put on by them are much more effective and successful than those of their competitors’.

The confidence showcased by the businesses indicated that they have embraced the powers of the data-driven marketing and are already on the path to developing their efforts.…